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Zen Den Tranquility

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Off-Grid Options

Solar Panels provide indefinite off-grid power with little maintenance.

For approximately 2-4 days off-grid for lights and power outlets (without this option the Zen Den must be plugged into house or campsite power. Use of AC, fireplace heater, microwave and mini-fridge will drain the batteries quickly).

Propane Heater, Propane/Electric Mini-Fridge, Propane Tank for extended time off-grid.

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Indoor Options

Amplifier (installed in kitchen cabinet) & 2 Ceiling Speakers, Connects to Smart Phone

Extends length to 15' L with an additional axel (2 wheels on each side). This allows space for a separate bathroom behind the kitchen.

White cabinets (electrical panel located inside cabinets with this option), Wood Countertop, White Mini-Fridge & Microwave, Stainless Steel Sink, Hot Water Heater, 15 Ga. Fresh Water Tank, Water Pump, Standard RV Hookups for Water.

For the extended length unit, including a fiberglass shower, Laveo Dry Flush Toilet and vanity.

Includes larger Water Tank & Water Pump, combined with toilet closet

Added under the kitchen cabinet with a lift-up counter (no black water tank needed). Upon "flushing", everything is wrapped up into a sealed bag and deposits into a lower compartment.

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Outdoor Options

(6' x 7'-6"), Skylight Hatch, Ladder, Short Railing (roof deck option lowers ceiling in 1/2 of interior to 6'-2" H)

Includes larger Water Tank & Water Pump

On all exterior glass

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Your Personal Getaway

In collaboration with Zen Den, we’re proud to announce the Tranquility – a stress-free personal space that you can tow wherever you want, even with many mid-sized SUVs! It is a bright, airy space that could be used for yoga, relaxation, art, reading, or work – really, anything you need a private space for. Get away from the bustle in your personal Tranquility – in your back yard or on family vacation!

  • Bright airy interior, high ceiling, large widows
  • Options include a Roof Top Deck, Kitchen, outdoor shower and more
  • Pricing starts at just $43,500 USD
  • Financing available in all 50 states with rates as low as 4.49% APR – pre-apply today

Model Details

12′ Zen Den Tranquility Includes:

  1. Wood Gratitude/Travel/Sketch Journal
  2. Exterior Size – 8′-6″ W x 12′ L x 11′ H
  3. Interior Size – 7′-3″ W x 11′-3″ L x 8′-6″ H
  4. Windows -Dual-Paned Windows w/Metal Clad Exterior & Wood Interior Frames
  5. Envelope -High-Tech Building Envelope w/Unsurpassed Insulation Value (R-24)
  6. Air Conditioner – must be plugged into house or campsite power without off-grid options
  7. Electric Fireplace Heater with Multi-Colored Flames  – must be plugged into house or campsite power without off-grid options
  8. Wood Flooring
  9. Sculptural 3D & Cork Accent Walls – other walls and ceiling are smooth, painted eco plywood
  10. Music-Responsive, Color-Changing LED Light Pendant
  11. Metal Roof
  12. Metal & Wood Exterior Cladding
  13. Interior LED Downlights
  14. Standard RV Hookup for Power – including 20 Amp Power Cord
  15. Electrical Panel – on Interior Wall
  16. Trailer -Single Axle, Breaks on Each Axle, Adjustable Hitch for Leveling During Travel, Stabilizer for Leveling, Multi-Height Hitch Jack, Hurricane D-Ring
  17. 1-Year Warranty
  18. RVIA Certification – including all safety requirements

Floor Plan

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