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Shipping container tiny hotel

Tiny House Hotels

Tiny Home Hotels are springing up across the country because the demand for the Tiny lifestyle is spreading like wildfire. We’ll help you get in on the ground floor with bulk discounts on the Tiny Homes and Shipping Container conversions that can be formed into your very own Tiny Hotel

  • Stand out from the crowd with unique offerings
  • The hot Tiny market will mean you’re always booked
  • Special pricing that gets better the more units you buy

Tiny House RV Parks

The Tiny Home lifestyle is anything but tiny – everyone wants to experience it. And so far, there simply aren’t enough Tiny Homes on the market to rent. If you act fast, you can take advantage of this situation before your competitors. But this isn’t a flash in the pan – the Tiny lifestyle is here to stay, and your units will last a lifetime and stay popular just as long.

If you own an RV park, replacing old units with Tiny Homes or expanding your current offerings with them is a no-brainer. You’ll have to turn renters away, be able to charge more, and offer a product you believe in.

  • Take advantage of high demand to never have an empty unit
  • Special pricing that gets better the more units you buy
  • Unique offerings that will gain your park immediate attention
  • Allow other Tiny Home owners to park at your location to earn extra money