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Dwell Magazine Writeup

We're proud to have been picked by Dwell Magazine as one of the "12 Tiny House Companies That Can Make Your Micro-Living Dreams Come True" (we're number 2!). They focus on our flagship model, the Catalina. If you're interested, you can design your own Catalina...

Great Writeup in New Atlas!

New Atlas gave us and the Catalina, our flagship Innovative Model, a great writeup - you can read it here. They go into detail about the Catalina's great features and options, such as our off-the-grid options such as solar panels and macerating toilets. They really...

Design Your Own Tiny Home, Online!

We're proud to introduce our first model in our Innovative Series, the Catalina, and, just as importantly, the ability to choose your own options and design your very own Tiny Home online. Choose everything from the kitchen sink to skylights to compartments in the stairs...