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Voice controlled music from built-in speakers. Bluetooth enabled appliances and doors you can work from your phone. Homes engineered for comfort in any climate. Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to downsize – we build modern, versatile, fully custom Tiny Living homes that are as beautiful as they are functional. We don’t take “no” for an answer and say “yes” to anything you can envision.

We make further innovations in cutting-edge, long-lasting materials. A typical RV might last you 10 to 30 years – Tiny Innovations’ Tiny Homes are built to last a lifetime.

Our innovating doesn’t stop with Tiny Homes – we’re also leading the way in Shipping Container Conversions, Food Carts with and without living quarters and Mobile Offices and Office Pods. We also offer custom corporate builds for experiential marketing – any kind of space you can imagine for your business’s marketing needs, on wheels. Not only that, we do Tiny House repairs, in all 50 states! More innovations are always on the way – check back soon!

Tiny Innovation’s products are 100% USA-made, RVIA certified and NHTSA compliant. All our vendors are locally owned and operated. We fully believe in giving back to and supporting our community.


Jeremy and Ryan got their starts in the banking and mortgage industry, and have spent the last decade as partners in a successful and sought-after business designing, building and remodeling homes. They are both fully dedicated to building a top-notch product and providing world-class customer service.

Jeremy and Ryan are Tiny Innovations. Together, we saw a need and an opportunity in the niche tiny home market to use our design and building skills to create something greater, something that would last. Our goal is to really innovate throughout the entire tiny industry, and take it far beyond where it’s been. With our trusted team of engineers, contractors and builders, we make one-of a kind, custom Tiny Living options that will be appreciated for a lifetime.


Together, Jeremy, Ryan and their team have built multi-million dollar mansions, fully custom residential remodels and more. They take all that experience in big homes and turn it tiny. They’re not just hobbyists building Tiny Homes in their backyards – they have extensive real-world building expertise bringing projects from the design and engineering phase through construction, finishing and all the way to market.

The sense of modern, clean design and thirst for the next great innovations seen in their bigger work carries over to their Tiny Homes, Mobile Offices, Food Carts and Shipping Container Conversions. Tiny Innovations offers the feel and features of a mansion, with the cost, mobility and simplicity of the Tiny Movement.


The population is growing, and there’s a shortage of affordable places to live. We need additional housing solutions for those that whom traditional home ownership is out of reach – mortgages are too expensive in many markets, property taxes are rising and incomes aren’t. With tiny homes and their shorter mortgages, you can own your own home cheaper and sooner – 68% of Tiny Home owners have no mortgage, compared to just 29% of all U.S. homeowners!

There’s also a need for less expensive, more versatile options for people with no place to live. Temporary housing is often substandard, unsafe or falling apart. We offer higher quality solutions. Tiny Innovations will help both of these needs with Tiny Homes that aren’t just RVs, but are customized homes built by experienced home builders to stand the test of time.